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Stock ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) representing US and World economic sectors. Always a Bull Market somewhere! ETF charts updated frequently, last updated end of day Friday 2023 ( some 5 year long term charts last updated end of day Friday 2023 ). Coming soon: Mashable Strategy News

We do NOT provide investment advice. Many of this web site are high risk, because of ETF risk ), very little diversification, low liquidity, issuer credit risk ( ETNotes ), futures risks ( commodity pools ), high closure risk ( due to low assests & low volume ), wide bid ask spreads ( thin volume ), Coun tries, with out adequate governance ( Ch in a, Rus sia, must read long list of 86 others), a collection of high PE or low profits or high volitility or latest hot thing is still high risk (ex. see FANGs below), and weird rules - practices! Also some have different tax treatments."

Added new (untested):

iPath Bloomberg Livestock SubTR ETN (COW) (60% live cattle, 40% lean hogs) (think about some day maybe Texas cows in drought) . . Longer Term COW

#Silver Miners (#SIL) (Silver Wheaton, Fresnillo PLC, Pan American Silver Corp, First Majestic Silver, Industrias Peñoles S AB de C V, Coeur Mining, Hecla Mining Comp, ALAMOS Gold Inc cls A, Fortuna Silver Mines) . . Longer Term SIL

Copper Miners (#COPX) (Teck Resources Ltd Class B, Oz Minerals Ltd, First Quantum Minerals Ltd, CST Mining Group Ltd, #Glencore PLC, Capstone Mining Corp, KAZ Minerals PLC, Lundin Mining Corp, #Freeport-McMoRan com, Southern Copper Corp com) . . Longer Term COPX

#Lithium (#LIT) ( global companies involved in the lithium industry ) (FMC Corp com, Sociedad Quimica y Minera S.A, Orocobre Ltd, #Albemarle Corp com, SAMSUNG SDI CO LTD, #Tesla Motors, Galaxy Resources Ltd, LG Chem Ltd, GS YUASA CP KYOTO, BYD CO LTD H SHS) . . Longer Term LIT

United States Natural Gas (#UNG) . . Longer Term UNG

United States Oil (#USO) . . Longer Term USO

** IS THIS CLOSED ** OIL iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR ETN (#OIL) . . Longer Term OIL

e339 CSD S&P Spin-Off ETF.gif (#CSD) ( mostly large & midcap US equities, spun off from parent firms in the last 4 years ) . . Longer term CSD

e395 ANGL Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF.gif (#ANGL) ( investment grade bonds at issuance but later downgraded to sub-investment grade ) . . Longer term ANGL

#FANGs and other high tech; US, China, and World Internet. Added new (untested):

First Trust DJ Internet Idx Fund (#FDN) (#Facebook, #Amazon, #Alphabet,, #Netflix, #PayPal, #Yahoo, #eBay, #Expedia) . . Longer Term FDN

First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund(#FXL) (Broadcom, Ingram Micro, Brocade Com Sys, Corning, Facebook, HP inc, Avnet, Dolby Lab, CDW Corp, Aplhabet) . . Longer Term FXL

PowerShares NASDAQ Internet ETF (#PNQI) (#Baidu, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, The Priceline Grp, Yahoo, Netflix, Equinx,, eBay) . . Longer Term PNQI

Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (#EMQQ) (#TENCENT HOLD, #Alibaba, #Naspers Class N,, #Qihoo 360 Tech, #NAVER, #NetEase, #Yandex, Internal) . . Longer Term EMQQ

e293 KWEB KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (#KWEB) (TENCENT HOLD, Alibaba Grp, Baidu, I,,Qihoo 360 Tech, #Youku ADR, #Sina Corp, ADR, NetEase) . . Longer Term KWEB

e294 SOCL Global X Social Media ETF (#SOCL) (Facebook, TENCENT HOLD, NEXON, #Linkedin Class A, Yandex Tudou ADR, Yahoo, Alphabet, NetEase, Mail RU grp) . . Longer Term SOCL

PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (#HACK) (SCIENCE APPS INTERNA, #CyberArk Soft, #Infoblox Common, Barracuda Networks Comm,#Imperva Comm, #Fortinet, Check Point Soft Tech, Palo Alto Netw Comm, Cisco Sys, Proofpoint) . . Longer Term HACK

ARK Web x.0 ETF (#ARKW) (actively-managed ETF in domestic and foreign equity securities; investment theme of Web x.0) (#Athenhealth, Netflix, Amazon, #2U Inc,, #NVIDA, Facebook, Red Hat Comm Stk, Alphabet, Apple) . . Longer Term ARKW

e297 SKYY First Trust ISE Cloud Computing ETF (#SKYY) (TENCENT HOLD, Alibaba, Naspers Class N,,Qihoo 360 Tech, NAVER, NetEase, Yandex, Internal) . . Longer Term SKYY

All listed largest holding in ETFs - ETNs - etc are estimates and may have changed. ( Notice: effective about December 23, 2011 )The old HOLDRs trusts data is from the decade old fixed portfolio Merrill Lynch HOLDRs ( that we have been studying ): OIH, SMH, PPH, BBH, & RTH. The newest data is from from their replacments, the Van Eck Global Market Vectors ETFs ( which are rebalanced ETFs). The BHH, BDH, IAH, and IIH HOLDRs have been terminated and we need to find someting to represent their sectors.
The e081 XOP Oil STOCKS ETF and the e085 FCG Natural Gas STOCKS ETF replace the USO and UNG ETFs. Usually the "e081 XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Prod" STOCKS ETF has Better Crude OIL tracking than the US Oil FUTURES ETF USO. Usually the "e085 FCG First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas Idx" STOCKS ETF has Better Natural GAS tracking than "US Natural Gas Fund ETF" UNG ". USO and UNG have really heavy trading, but are less suited for our studies.
The e058 India ETNotes is being replaced by the more heavily traded e058 India ETFunds. Most ETNotes are unsecured tracking debt, while ETFunds are usually backed by securties.

Look at the great disparity in response of some ETFs! Composed of:

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 Note that these are chosen to represent various approaches to market components. They might not be typical representation because of very few stocks and things you might not expect in some of them.  This is the opposite of diversification in most cases, excluding the major index ETFs.  Some of these may not have suitable trading liquidity.  Holders are different than ETFs, it is important to understand this.  Some of these ETFs & Holders might well be not suitable for many peoples investments; we are using these as an academic study of economic sector expectations and not as suggested investments

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Economic & Employment sectors charts

All clickable thumbnails for all latest Economy / Employment Charts . Thumbnails for some part of Longer Term Economy / Employment Charts

USA Total and Core Inflation, 10 year and 2 year interest rates Monthly , 10 year minus 2 year interest rates difference ( regular / flat / inverted ) yield curve vs US Stock Market Monthly

Friday March 2022 : Employment / Unemployment Data for: Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Luis Obisbo, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara is updated for data avaiable Friday March 2022.

Friday March 2022 2021: California Employment / Unemployment Data, California House Price Index. State of California Data is updated for data avaiable Friday March 2022 2021.

Friday March 2022 : USA Employment / Unemployment Data, U6 Real Unemployment Rate, Intial Jobless Claims, Average Weekly Hours / Hourly Earnings, Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac United States House Price Index Monthly. some USA Federal data updated for data avaiable Friday April 2022. Not completely tested yet.

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California areas employment is usually released on the 3rd Friday of the next month. Federal employment is usually released on the 1st Friday of the next month. Economy charts usually updated that night. All charts have date of first date in lower left and last date in lower right.

►► click to SHOW/HIDE Employment URL Links for Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Luis Obisbo, Sacramento, California state, and US Federal. Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac US House Price Index.

Examples and screenshots of my C# WPF WCF / C++ MFC software charting programs and utilites. Creating these using various databases integrated into Visual Studio. Eclipse is used for JBoss Web Ent Apps, Java, Python, PHP, etc.
Examples and screenshots of my C# WPF WCF / C++ MFC software charting programs and utilites. Creating these using various databases integrated into Visual Studio. Eclipse is used for JBoss Web Ent Apps, Java, Python, PHP, etc.
Large hi res 1200x700 Monthly charts of Silicon Valley employment. Monthly charts of California State employment. Monthly charts of United States (Federal USA) Total Non Farm employment. Monthly charts of Fannie Mae's public replacement for the private Case Schiller Index, with broader larger samples sizes. Charted by my software from my databases,
Large hi res 1200x700 stock market charts of public traded Exchange Traded Funds representing market sectors. ETFs for major indexes, US market sectors, important countries and regions, emerging market sectors, Oil Gold Silver, Agriculture corn wheat beans and Ag business, Bills Notes Bonds ETFs, and Yen Euro ETFs. Open in new tab or page. Charted by our C# and C++ software from our databases.
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